Our Commitment

Our Safety Measures

Safety is the base of well-being and happiness of our staff.

When working in the ocean, with its ever-changing conditions, situations never remain the same. Based on the philosophy of “Safety is the base of well-being and happiness of our staff”, we set our basic policy of “ensuring absolute safety in our work” to cope with a constantly changing environment. The entire company is striving to ensure safety to prevent any dangerous situation from affecting us.

ISO Certification

In order to meet customer expectations and gain their trust, we firmly believe that improving and maintaining these three qualities, “quality of business”, “environmental consideration”, and “safe work environment”, is critically important. Based on this belief, we have successfully acquired since 2018 “ISO9001 certificate for quality management system”, “ISO14001 for environmental management system”, and “ISO45001 for occupational health and safety management system”.We will continue to enhance the quality of our services even more as we aim to be “a company trusted by all customers” giving consideration to both humans and the environment.

Activities for the Community